I had planned a couple weeks ago to spend time with my sister and her husband in Philadelphia before classes started. She has two small kiddos, so I knew there would be some down time with naps, etc. So, I stuck my neck out to see if anyone would want photos done while I was out there. It was scary offering without any indication if people would even want me to take their photos. 

Thankfully, the Jorns showed interest, and we were able to work everything out while I was in town! I couldn't have asked for a better family to spend an evening of my trip with. We decided to take all the photos on the Villanova University campus since Ryan is a professor at the school.

After I finally found them (we're talking Erika wandering around a large parking lot for 20 minutes and total panic ensuing, seeing as the sun was setting soon) we began to explore the Villanova campus. It was absolutely gorgeous! The stone work, the brick sidewalks, the landscaping. It was all stunning!

It was a wonderful experience to take photographs of this beautiful family in such a unique location (at least to me it was)! I am so thankful to have met the Jorn family during my trip! 

I walked away from that evening fully convinced that this gift of life is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Jessica and Ryan, thank you for letting me get a glimpse into the family and legacy the two of you are building together. It was such an honor and joy to get to document your family! Hope the school year (and homeschooling) have started well and gone off without a hitch!