She had always run from things. Problems. Relationships. Commitment. Guys would stick around for about 3 months, but then it would get too serious, and Grace would put on her running shoes and escape the circumstances. Would she ever stop running? Would there ever be a guy that was worth staying put for? How could years of this pattern be erased?

Grace started getting radical with changing her life. She acknowledged Jesus Christ as Lord of her life, and her slowly began dissecting and destroying the things in her life that had made her a runner.

When Marshall entered on the scene, he knew that Grace was the woman that he wanted to grow old with. This man held on to an engagement ring for Grace for almost 6 months, because he knew it was important to wait for the right time to ask Grace to be his bride. He changed elements in his own life in order to set Grace up for success in her relationship with Christ.

These two know what it means to come together as a team. They have sacrificed for each other. Waited patiently for the right time to join their two lives into one. 

During her vows, Grace hung up her running shoes. No longer was she going to bolt. She promised to stay firmly planted next to Marshall throughout all of life's ups and downs.

Grace and Marshall, I cannot say enough about what a blessing it was to be a part of your wedding day. You are two of the most genuine people I've met. I feel privileged to have been given a front row seat to your public declaration of your love. Much love!

(also, a game and ice cream making night in the near future, right?)