Midwest and Destination Wedding Photographer




I photographed my first wedding when I was a sophomore in high school (yup, you read that right). Years before, Sony Cybershot in hand, I fell in love with photography. A full hard drive later (sorry, Dad!), I saved to finally get the camera I had been dreaming of. College came, I married my best friend (cue all the bubbly), graduated with an engineering degree and worked in the corporate world.

After a couple years of working full-time and still pursuing photography, I was convinced that a change was required. So, I decided to go all with where it all began - photography. With over 60 weddings that I’ve been trusted to photograph, they just keep getting sweeter and sweeter.



Your wedding day is easily one of the most important days of your life. So, it’s a privilege I don’t take lightly to be there for all the laughter, joy, and hooplah which is why I only photograph a select number of weddings each year in order to give the time and attention each couple and day deserves.