Drew and Sylvia were that couple. The ones who asked for engagement pictures in the rain. And, last weekend, they officially tied the knot. 

As Sylvia walked out to see Drew for the first time, the excitement was palpable. She had the biggest smile on her face as she walked towards the man she would follow to the ends of the earth. I had to focus solely on taking pictures, because I started to tear up when Drew turned around to see his bride. These two embody true joy. Their relationship with each other and the Lord is so vibrant!

There were nods to family tradition and each of their heritages sprinkled throughout the day. Sylvia and Drew chose to get married at the same church where her parents and sister said their vows. And, the display of parents' and grandparents' wedding photos as you entered the ceremony set the precedent that Drew and Sylvia were going to willing to go the long haul in their marriage (just as generations before them had). 

Drew and Sylvia, I know you were eager to get on to every day married life and grow to be old together, so now you can hop to! Thank you for letting me have the joy and privilege of bearing witness to the beginning of your wonderful life together!