I am nowhere close to where I want to be. Everyday, something else comes to mind of what I want to be doing, where I want to be shooting, and what I will gain by doing so. I dream of photographing weddings on Corsica and couples madly in love at a perfect venue, or a self-cleaning apartment.

My dad always taught me to be a goal-setter, a dreamer, and a planner. Those have been invaluable to me over the course of my life. And, I could not be more thankful for the example he has been in my life.

However, I think I miss a big part of the journey. Looking forward is important, but so is looking back. It's so easy to forget where I came from and how God has guided me through the process-life.

I don't want to forget the joy I received when I opened up the box of my first DSLR. It was incredible. The pictures that I was able to capture with it blew my mind. A big step up from my point and shoot.

I don't want to forget the first wedding I photographed. Each image, I was proud of. I was 16, and someone (a crazy someone) was entrusting me to photograph their wedding day. Those who entrusted a young me with important moments in their lives, I will never forget. They allowed me to grow, to push myself, and begin to learn this craft.

Today, I want to be content with the journey. I don't want my social media popularity or crazy locations I visit to define me. The other day, I read a quote that said the following :

"Being popular on instagram is like being rich in a game of monopoly."

I love the power and connection provided by social media (case and point, this blog), but I don't want a tool to become me. To become my life.

This summer, I'm working on filling up the three unused journals on my bookshelf. My desire is to fill them with thanks and reflection, and to remind myself that I am defined my something (and someone) so much greater.