When I first met Naomi and Wes together, I knew that their wedding day would be focused on the importance of the marriage itself. The love. The commitment. The sacrifice. The joy. At that time, they were unsure of where their nuptials would actually take place. Naomi was struggling to find the right fit for their outdoor wedding.

A month or two before the wedding, Naomi told me that they had settled on Adam's Mill. And, boy is this a beautiful treasure trove. I had been out there once or twice before, but not when the trees were full, the grass was green, and the sun was shining. It was a perfect venue for a genuine and honest couple. Nature has a raw and untamed beauty.

After the ceremony, family photos took precedence. And, that is merely an extension of how their lives truly are. Family comes first. It was a joy to see their families supporting what God joined together. The venue and backdrop for family photos made these pictures some of my favorites (background is key for family photos you will look back on and cherish)! The three of us adventured around Adam's Mill (thank you Naomi for making sure we had plenty of time) and found lots of great hideaways. Love the diversity in these portrait locations!

The afternoon was capped off by a family style dinner at Bucca di Beppo's. It was a time of toasts, great food, lots of laughs, and the sending off of a beautiful newly minted family. Wes also made me take home a bag of leftovers. I felt like family. Greg didn't mind it either...

Enjoy the beautiful relationship these two have cultivated.