Growing up being homeschooled, I became very close with all my siblings. But, as we have gotten older, we have all headed out on various adventures. Three in Alaska, one in Manhattan, four in Philadelphia, and mom, pops, and the youngest holding down the fort.

So, this past week was a very special treat. We all congregated on the homestead for a week of family time -- "the staycation." It was surreal to go home to my parent's and see not only my siblings, but also their recent additions (read: some adorable nieces and a nephew).

This post is truly a deluge of pictures. But, each of them mean so much to me. My family is truly a piece of heaven on earth. I could not have asked God for a more loving and gracious family (may I also add hilarious, sarcastic, and extremely good-looking?). 

I attempted to take family pictures of the whole crew. So, those will be showing up here shortly. Syncing smiling babies and camera timers truly is an art (and, also a workout).

The week began with me, Greg, my dad, and some other guys from our church racing in an Olympic Triathlon. It was a completely unreal event (except for when I panicked out in the open water...). What your body is capable of doing is amazing. I may or may not have wanted to cry as I crossed the finish line. My hubs came in 3rd in his age division, and I placed 1st in mine (don't be fooled, I think my division only contained 3 people). Also, I am far too aware of just how unflattering triathlon suits are. Yikes.

After the race, the party began. Evenings of dinners out (with three babies. we looked like crazy people), bonfires, food with friends, zip-lining, slack-lining, and a baseball game viewed from the lawn. 

I kept lingering at my parent's house thinking that saying goodbye would get easier. But, the longer I talked with my siblings, the more and more I didn't want to let them go. I praise the Lord that after years of my parent's diligent parenting and lots of grace, the people who make up my family are my best friends.

I know this might be a lot of pictures of my family. Buttttttt, these people probably deserve an entire blog devoted to pictures of them and stories of how wonderful they are. 

Ok. Post about my obsession with my family...over.