Rachel & Chad: A Cliff House Maine Wedding

Out on the cliffs, I asked Rachel to turn and look at Chad as I photographed her portraits. After a minute or so, she sniffled and asked if she could turn back towards me and I looked over to Chad was tearing up too. All throughout the day every look communicated the kind love these two have for each other.

Every moment of the weekend was expertly planned and showered with gorgeous details, but there's no doubt that the highlight was always this marriage and the people surrounding them. 

The royal wedding took place shortly after Rachel & Chad's, but they're the real deal and I think Rachel's dad said it best "this is better than the royal wedding."

Many thanks to each of these brilliant people for making the day what it was:
Venue & Catering: Cliff House Maine
Hair Stylist: Aphrodite Salon
Makeup Artist: Adore Rouge
Florist: Flour! Events
Cake: Confekshun
Bride's Dress: Ramona Caveza from The Wedding Studio Carmel
Bridesmaids: The Wedding Studio Carmel
Band: Groove Authority
Videographer: Fresh Film Weddings

Rachel & Mike: A Beacon Hill Portrait Session

A little over 8 years ago, Mike tried to impress Rachel by trying to teach her how to play piano. Little did he know he was trying to teach Rachel using her own piano. But the plan didn't totally backfire. Because it's 8 years later and their still sharing their life together. 

I was so glad we were able to spend an evening in Boston's adorable Beacon Hill neighborhood together. And the evening capped off with a delicious Italian meal together that made me feel like these two were old friends.