Amanda & Matt: A Logan Square & Nicholas J. Melas Centennial Fountain Engagement

They met in grade school, dated for a couple years in high school, went their own separate ways for college, and then found their way to back to each other. It's a story that I loved to listen to them tell as we walked around Logan Square and along the Chicago river. 

Matt proposed on a boat going down the river, nearby the bridge we took photos on during their session, to an unsuspecting Amanda. She had thought it might be a couple more years before they added Mr. & Mrs. in front of their names and she was perfectly content in that. But when Matt got down on one knee with a ring that mimics the one Amanda's mom has, there was no question that sooner rather than later was the best idea.

Thank you both for allowing me to be your third wheel as we enjoyed the gorgeous spring weather and sharing pieces of your heart and story with me. I can't wait for July to be here!