5 Ways To Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Controlled chaos? Overwhelming details? Unhappy people? Frantic last-minute decorating? Forcasted rain? Unfortunately, probably many things we have all seen at weddings. 

On any given wedding day, there are so many moving components and details that it isn't difficult to find yourself thinking about all of them instead of spending time with the people who love you and considering the ultimate goal - marriage. I think this is more than sad considering the joy and celebration that should accompany such a day in someone's life.

As a bit of an aside, I also find that the most enjoyable photos come when the couple and bridal party are focused on each other and the people around them, not worrying over details. Don't hear me saying that details are not important and to just throw caution to the wind when planning. But there is a balance. Always balance.

So, here are five ways I've seen brides and grooms maximize the amount of joy on their wedding day:

5 ways to enjoy your wedding day erika aileen

1. Pick the Right People

You will be spending all day with your bridal party, vendors, and guests. So, choose those people carefully. Make sure they're a good fit for you! Well, Erika, how am I supposed to do that? So glad you asked :) Find people who you "click" with and who you know you can trust to make your wedding day run smoothly and not drain or distract from the day.


2. Say "Yes" to the Things That are Important to You and "No" to the Ones that Aren't

So, you want the first time you read your vows to each other to be after you see each the first time, you want to cut into brie instead of cake, eat from food trucks instead of a tray passed meal, or leave other traditions behind. On your wedding day, choose the things that are important to you and do those instead of sticking to tradition or safety even if they're not important to you (this doesn't always mean foregoing tradition; to some, those typical wedding traditions are important and deeply meaningful). 

5 ways to enjoy your wedding day erika aileen photography

3. Be Aware of Your Limitations

You have planned diligently and covered many of your bases, but even still, by the day of the wedding, there is an element of control that has to be relinquished simply because there's nothing at that point that you can do. This needs to be the time when you just sit back and enjoy the ride. And I speak from experience! It poured rain during my very own backyard wedding. So, I've been there! This is also a good time to appoint a friend to answer questions on the wedding day instead of you if you don't have a coordinator. 

5 ways to enjoy your wedding day erika aileen photography

4. Be in the Moment

Your wedding day really does go by like a blur. So, yes, you will have photos and video, but there's nothing quite like being there 100% yourself. Those are the moments that the photos and the video will immortalize for you. You need only enjoy them.


5. Realize that No Matter what Happens on the Day-of, the Marriage is Most Important

If marriage is really the most important goal of the day, then the small things or even large shouldn't matter in comparison to marrying the love of your life. And that kind of attitude really does lead to the most joyful and genuine wedding celebration!

I hope that helps and that every moment leading up to and on your wedding day is fully enjoyed.