She walked up to the podium humbly, and clicked to her first slide. "The Cancer Comedian" is what it said. When she began speaking, she did so with such joy and enthusiasm that it was hard to believe all the hardship that this past year had brought.

Beth has been a member of my church for the last five years, and was recently diagnosed with cancer. This beautiful girl stood before the women of the church at a recent event and shared her story. There were hardly any dry eyes in the house. We were weeping, not because of the sadness of the circumstances, but because of the joy Beth had found in her Savior and the hope He offers throughout all of life's challenges.

This girl doesn't just say that God is joy. She lives it. Her whole persona exudes the love and hope of Christ. 

Last week, I had the privilege of taking pictures for Beth. It was the day that she got her most recent cancer scans back. They were clear, for the most part; so , the day called for celebration.

I will never forget the feeling that I had walking away from taking these images. I felt an incredible weight and responsibility, but also immense joy because I am privileged to re-express the beauty that God has created. It has left me in awe of the gift of photography.

You can listen to all of Beth's story here. Let these pictures serve as a reminder of what a mighty God we serve!