1 Year: Louis

I'm sitting in front of my computer with a fork in one hand, and haphazardly typing with the other. Why? Because it's dinner time, and I wanted to write as well. Sometimes that's just life. 

It's not this rosie, perfect, wine and dine me every night kind of thing. 

It is, however, beautiful in all its simplicity and weirdness.

So, when my friend Kelli asked if I would come over and take pictures of her now 1 year old (uhm, wow, time flies) doing things that he loves and just documenting his first year, I couldn't turn her down. This isn't some "lifestyle" photography, it's just the way the world sees Louis (or, maybe, just the way I see him).

My friends are doing an amazing job being parents to this goofball. Seriously. He was so much fun to take pictures of. As in, I was laughing while I was taking the pictures, and keeling over in my desk chair while editing them. This boy is one in a million.

Can't wait to celebrate with you, Louis!