Newborn: Elise

This is the girl. Her mama, Breanna, had been preparing for her arrival by making bows, headbands, putting together outfits, etc. All the good stuff. When I walked into their home and was unloading my gear, Breanna had the couch covered with fun and thoughtful props for us to play with during the shoot (perfection).

I love to photograph newborns in the comfort of their own home. It is seriously the best. And, the easiest for the family. After all, they have just made a huge change in their family. So, let's make this as easy as possible, right? 

That's what I think, at least.

Baby Elise was just barely over a week old and as sweet as could be. I can't get over fresh new baby rolls and stretches. My mind finds it hard to grasp that this little person has only been in the world for such a short time!

Remember the thoughtful props? Yes, well, be on the lookout of Breanna's wedding veil and bouquet. Truly bringing things full circle.

So happy for this beautiful newly minted addition to the family! 

Please, don't grow too fast, Elise.