Exactly one year ago today, I clicked the "go live" button on my computer to launch this website and blog. I wrote this post about not having the right words to say about my website launching. I was scared. Was anything of substance really going to come from my little corner of the web? Was my photography going to be taken seriously? Or, was I still just that girl with a nice camera?

In the throws of launching this website, I emailed Jasmine Star a question. I asked her how I could grow and change from stereotypes that I thought defined me. She published her response to my question here. I am forever grateful that she took the time to be vulnerable with me and come alongside me as I seek to navigate photography and small business.

Over the last year I've learned that growth and consistency are key, but more than that, I've reacquainted myself with dreaming. This website was the fulfillment of a long time dream to have a landing pad for clients and friends to catch up with my photography and personal endeavors. With a big dream accomplished and under my belt, it's only fair to continue to mull over the dreams that have been whirling around in my head.

I am fully intent on continuing to dream. But, those dreams don't really have impact if they are meaningless to those around me and benefit few. In an effort to gain more knowledge about who YOU are and how I can be of better benefit to you, I've created a quick survey that I would love to include your input.

In the true spirit of dreaming, I am so excited to be giving away one of these gorgeous tote bags from Society 6 :


So here's what you need to do in order to be entered into the giveaway:

  1. Click this link in order to fill out the survey
  2. Share this blog post on Facebook (be sure to tag Erika Aileen Photography!)

Then, big, bam, boom you are in the running for fun tote! Winners will be announced on Friday!

I am so thankful for the proximity that I get to have to people as dreams in their life come to fruition. Marrying the love of their life. Building a beautiful family. Growing as individuals into more of who we were designed to be. Those dreams and adventures are precious and one-hundred percent worth celebrating.

Here's to many more years of dreaming!