Ted works four jobs. Yes, count them, four. He's a physician assistant who loves being involved in helping people on lots of levels. Evidenced by his many jobs. He met Meghan at a hospital where he worked. She was a nurse, and caught his eye.

One thing led to another, and now there's a ring on her finger. They're planning a destination wedding in Breckenridge Colorado next year. And, I simply cannot wait to photograph this couple in those gorgeous rocky mountains as my first destination wedding.

My sister-in-law at Denver Event Pros is planning their wedding, and she directed them my way. For that, I am forever grateful! While we were walking around the Battleground battlefield taking photos, they told me about all of their adventures. Hiking in the northeast on a washed out trail. Walking across a beaver dam with logs that could have been deadly. A Raging stream. I love that they have built their relationship around their crazy adventures together.

Here's to more adventures together! (also, let's take a nod to Meghan's blue eyes and their rock navigating skills down by the water)