He had always kind of had his eye on her. They kept their distance and just became friends. David knew that with the next relationship he started, he wanted it to last. He wanted the focus his relationship to be solely on Jesus Christ and proclaiming Him. 

Over the next few years of his time at Purdue, he noticed Rachelle growing from a past relationship that had been trying and ended. He was a constant friend, always there to talk with. Rachelle grew from the hurt of past relationships and sought comfort and confidence through the same God that David trusted. 

As I spent time with Rachelle, it became more and more obvious that David was becoming more than just a friend. Although their friendship had waned after Rachelle graduated from Purdue, David still knew that she was for him. They sat down on Christmas Eve at Cracker Barrel. Both of them knowing what was coming. Nervous about the future. But, David was forward with his intentions. His desire was to protect Rachelle. From any potential hurt. From confusion. From poor communication. He began then a precedent for open and honest biblical communication in their relationship.

When David asked me to go with him ring shopping, I couldn't believe it. Was this time really here for my best friend? Really? But, as we stared at diamonds and gold bands, it crystalized even more. David wanted to be committed to Rachelle through marriage. No doubt. 

I am so thankful for this strong man that God has provided for my sweet friend. Only God could've have written such a beautiful story for Rachelle. I was overwhelmed when they asked if I would take their engagement pictures. It was so hard not to cry tears of joy as I took pictures of my best friend with her person. What a blessing it is to be together in life. I love you two so, so, so much. Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautifully Christ centered relationship.