Questioning Myself

I felt like I had hit a wall. Both physically and creatively. After an amazing time over the holidays, my body was not quite ready to be thrown back into a routine.

I kept questioning myself. Did I make the right decision to pursue this photography thing for real? Like, invest serious money and time into it. Was that just foolish? Are my pictures even good enough? I don't feel like I know enough.

My dad called and asked if I could watch my baby sister for an evening while he had meetings. I can't ever turn down a time to hang out with her. So, of course, I said yes.

When she walked into our apartment, she handed me this letter.


At that moment, I knew that someone cared no matter what. Sometimes, I just need those reminders. Of course, I have questions. But, the most important thing is to not hold myself to a standard of comparison. I ask questions because I know I still need to grow. Grow in photography. My marriage. My friendships. My diligence. It's not about what I see other people doing. It's what I'm doing to grow and change through God's grace.


This was one of the first ten pictures I took with my new camera. And, I think it encapsulates my baby sister so well. Thankful for her reassurances and love.