Eight Months of Marriage

It's his bed time ritual. Hop into bed before me to warm it up and put the heater on in the room. So, as soon as I come back from doing my bed time ritual in the bathroom, I am greeted by a warm and comfy bed (and, then I proceed to stick my ice cold feet on him to warm them up).

As small as it may be, I've realized that it's important, even in the small things, to tell someone you love them. It's not all about bringing home flowers for your wife (although, I'm sure she won't protest). But, those moments weren't made to sustain the other moments when the love becomes harder to show.

The past couple of weeks, I've been battling some health problems. As small as they have been, they have turned my world upside down. There were moments when I really couldn't believe I had said certain things or neglected other priorities, but Greg was unfazed. It was as if the harder it was to love me, the more and more he did.

And, that precisely is what it's all about.

I believe that marriage is a picture of what Christ did for us. Dying so that we could be forgiven of all our sin and unloveliness.

In eight months of marriage, I've seen more of my Savior than I could've ever dreamt of. 

He gives grace to me via my husband. And, with the power of that grace working through me, I hope that I can make my Savior obvious to my husband.

8 has been great, am I right, Greg?


Still receiving this look. I have been since we started dating, and I have a feeling that it will be a staple of our marriage...