Polar Vortex Highlights

I had grown quite accustomed to snow in 50 degree weather (thanks, Colorado). So, when I returned home and received notice of the -40 degree weather coming our way, this girl was not happy. Not happy at all.

As awful as a freezing apartment and a snow drift up to your waist outside your door are, there were some serious perks to this so called "Polar Vortex."

(also, please note, I don't totally hate snow or cold. But, this was just too much! Nobody should have experience -40 degrees)

1. Baking

Baking was my number one favorite thing to do over my snowed-in days. Why? It warms up the house, and then yields a (hopefully) yummy result. These chocolate chip cookies were equal parts gooey and crispy. Although, I should've refrigerated the dough. But, opening the cold fridge was low on my list of things to do.


2. Having Greg home

I was not ready for my love to go back to work. Not in the least. It was totally worth the cold and snow to have him home for 2 extra days. The snowed-in days reminded me that there really is no one else I have like him. He kept me laughing all day long. For instance, I made these easy peasy homemade pretzels on day one. Then, the next day, all morning he couldn't stop hinting about how just maybe if I felt like it, I should make them again. I think he finally got frustrated that I wasn't hopping to it. So, he stepped up and made them himself. Sheer determination.


Don't mind our half lit tree and the power drill laying around. They're important to include for the integrity of the story, right?

3. Slow Mornings

It was a huge blessing to be able to wake up leisurely, roll out of bed, and put on a pot for hot water to brew our Chemex coffee. My brother got me this wonderful coffee maker for Christmas, and I can safely say it makes the least bitter coffee ever. From any grounds. Even the cheap ones. Greg and I would sit down together to read our Bible and study the book of Amos together. Definitely the best quiet time to think about our Lord with his glory right out the window and a fresh brewed cup of coffee in our hands. I wouldn't trade those mornings for a week of no snow and sunshine.


Today, it's back to reality, and classes. But, I am pretty well rested after a week of my favorite things. Onward forward.