Client Gifts and Packaging

Here's my theory, someone could wrap up trash, make it look pretty, give it to me, and I would be super ecstatic.

I am a self-proclaimed sucker for anything wrapped up with a bow.

Greg has yet to test this theory, but I think it will prove itself to be true.

So, now that I have that out in the open, it's time for the important stuff. 

I want my wonderful clients to be giddy about getting their pictures all wrapped up with a bow (and no, I don't test out my theory with them). So, I want to make sure that they know just how special they are to me. Because, at the end of the day, they're not really clients anymore. They're friends.


Supposedly, the art of letter writing is dead, but there's still something about getting a letter in the mail hand addressed to you that warms the soul.

And, especially when it fa-reezing outside (thanks, Polar Vortex), everyone needs a little cup of joy. A little hot beverage to warm up cold fingers. So, I like to treat my friends to Starbucks.

I absolutely love all the people who allow me photograph significant moments in their life, and I so want them to know that they're special to me.

Happy Friday!

Erika WetterlinComment