Family: The Allisons

She knew she wanted a big family. A house full of kids. She wanted to be the crazy, fun, and artistic mother.

After Scott finished seminary, Courtney realized those dreams weren't as far off they had once seemed. She no longer had to hold her job, and they had just made a new addition to their family-Grant.

It's so much fun to see my sister living her dream job as a mama. And, let me tell you, she has been doing a killer job at it.

Over Thanksgiving, Greg and I had the opportunity to go out to Philadelphia (their new state of far away :(). We had a great big family thanksgiving  and I really wanted to snag a couple pictures of my sister's growing family.

My little baby Grant is one! And, Elizabeth Wynn is still a bun in the oven. I can't wait to meet her. She is sure to have just as much personality and drama as her two parents and older brother.

Much love to my dear sister, brother, and their bundles of some serious joy. *muah* Love you all!


Happy Tuesday!

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