Family: The Greenbanks

Her room was like a girl's paradise. Drawers full of ruffled leggings, too-too skirts, jewelry, and pretty much anything else a little girl could ever want. Adelaide is the girly of girls, and she fits the bill perfectly. Danielle, Adelaide's mom, is a Mary Kay consultant, and I can see Adelaide growing up to be just like her mama.

One year olds are my all-time favorite. Seriously. They are the bee's knees.

They start getting some serious personality. A little bit (or a lot) of independence. But, they still really need mom and dad.

Danielle, thank you for being the prop queen and for putting these scenes all together. You are Wonder Woman! I love your little family, and I can't believe that Adelaide is almost one!

I hope little Adelaide has an amazing first Christmas (hopefully she catches on to the wrapping paper tearing quickly...that's the best part)!

Erika WetterlinComment