Our China Treasure.

My older sister begged for years for my parents to consider adoption. Years.

I begged my parents to never adopt. I cried in front of the social worker because I didn't want my family to change. Embarrassing. I know.

My family went through many different options after my parents felt called to adopt. They even dealt with the whiniest kid ever who didn't want to lose her title of youngest.

After four years of finger printing, paperwork, meetings, ups and downs, we finally received a picture of our little treasure. She was alone and disconnected from the toys that were with her in the photos.

I wondered whether or not she would really feel like my sister.


From the moment I saw her in person, I couldn't help but be reminded by God that she was meant for our family. All doubt left, and there I was holding my baby sister.

Well, that little China treasure is almost 8 now! 

When we were in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving, Julie insisted on some pictures with mama and the family dog, Bucky. My how that alone and disconnected girl has changed.

Ju-bee. I could never have asked for a more precious baby sister. You are a constant source of joy and all things girly and sparkly.

Happy eighth birthday my Juby-Ruby!