That One Time I Doubted.

I signed up to run the Monumental Half Marathon last Saturday about 9 months ago. I was so looking forward to it. Running is just soothing to me. 

Greg signed up after I did because he decided that he wouldn't ever see me if we didn't train together (turned out to be false, thankfully ).

Well, long story short, I had to bail on him. But, the awful part? I told him that he probably couldn't do it. He would get injured. I warned him. You see, Greg started grad school this semester and has been busy. His first priority hasn't been running.  

So, my reaction to that? To discourage him from even trying. 

He, however, proved me wrong. Like he almost always does. 

Greg, I am proud of you. And, I'll make you your favorite cheesecake to make it up to you. Promise. Or at least make you sign up for another race that I promise   to run.