That Moment When.

You know those moments where you try to find something clever to say? Sitting there with a group of friends, you wait, thinking up the really poignant and witty thing you are going to add to the conversation. 

I don't like those moments. 


Because the moment when you eloquently say your phrase, it doesn't seem so great any more. 

This is one of those moments for me. Today is the day that years of dreaming finally comes to fruition. Erika Aileen finally has its own place on the web and blogosphere. Everything I could say just seems to fall short. 

So, instead of waiting silently and producing a probably less than witty punch line (it's never as good as I imagine in my head ), let's just go straight to the party.

My idea of a party? Coffee, some hand written letters (being written and especially received ), and the always perfect, oversized mug. Yes, you can begin with the "old soul" jokes now.

So, as a celebration of this day finally being a reality, I think we should party. And, this is what it looks like. 


Kate, of The Yellow Mason Jar, makes adorable cards. I just discovered her Etsy shop not too long ago, and I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites because they are all just so gosh darn cute! I especially love these with the cupcakes. Anything sweet is right up my alley. Cake for breakfast, anyone? Kate is just as wonderful as her cards. I love any chance I get to talk with her. 


I've put a couple of my other favorite things together, and I want to box this party up, wrap it with some twine, and mail it right to your doorstep.

So, you can enter to win this box full of goodies with the handy app below!

I'm excited for what's ahead, and after a few cups of some darn good coffee, I'm sure you will be as well (kidding...well, kind of ). Coffee has a way of making everything more exciting.

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