Featured: WeddingDay Magazine

I asked Greg at the beginning of our wedding planning what was important to him about our wedding. His response?

"Cheesecake and toasts. There's got to be cheesecake." 

That was simple enough. 

So, I proceeded to change a lot of traditional things-matching bridesmaid/groomsmen, colors, wedding dress selection, location, etc. 

Somehow though, amidst all those changes away from the traditional, our wedding felt like us.  

Greg and I often talk about how much that day meant to us. A couple nights ago, I was sitting on the couch with Greg reminiscing about just how grand the day was (even though there was a torrential downpour...and it was outdoors ).

That day was everything I had hoped for it to be.  And, our photographer, Brian, captured it so incredibly well. It's not shocking that a magazine would want to publish Brian's work. It is however shocking that they would choose our wedding.

Thank you, to Amy of Wedding Day for wanting to share a day that was the best one of our lives.


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