The boys walked out of the house on the back deck holding bunnies. Apparently, they had just recently decided to let the two oldest boys get a family pet. So, their decision, agreed upon by the parents, was a bunny. But, when they got to the store, one of them noticed a bunny who was missing an ear. Worried that no one would take a bunny without an ear home, he almost started crying. They went in for one bunny, and came home with two.

Needless to say, these boys were pumped about their new furry friends. And, I 100% agree that bunnies are just about the cutest animal ever. 

I am so happy that the Hubers welcomed me into their home to document their beautiful family. When we talked, they had plans in the works to spend 5 months next year in Togo on an extended medical missions trip. I loved getting to spend time with this adventurous and go with the flow family.

Praying for you all as you follow the Lord's leading in Togo; He will do great things!