When the day for this session came around, the weather was bi-polar. Pouring rain for a couple minutes, then bright sun. I was pretty surprised when Drew and Sylvia didn't want to cancel the session. After all, when they had first contacted me, they did mention doing a session in the rain. So, we really got the best of both worlds.

I asked Greg to come along with me knowing that I would probably need someone to hold an umbrella and be an extra pair of hands throughout the session. Drew texted me right before the session saying that he had a pickup truck and that we could probably get places that a normal car couldn't. Yes. They were the perfect couple for me. Ready for an adventure.

During the "rain" pictures, I probably looked like a crazy person. I was holding my own umbrella, running around a field with cows, and screaming directions/poses at Drew and Sylvia. If this photography thing doesn't pan out, I guess I could fall back on my physical humor...oh dear.

Drew and Sylvia are some of the sweetest people I know. Sweet with just the right amount of sass. I would go to shoot a picture, and Drew would stick his tongue out; then, Sylvia would laugh, do the same, and then tell him to be serious. Greg and I love bumping into them on Sunday mornings at church. A good conversation full of laughter is sure to be had.

I can't wait for their wedding NEXT MONTH! Eep.