I'm going to attempt to not cry while writing this post. Lucky for me, you can't see me in my pathetic state. But, these people are very dear to me. So, so, so very dear.

Maggy and I grew up together. She moved into a house down the street, and thus our friendship began. It all started with American Girl doll fashion shows, a similar passion for craziness, and many sleepovers. I remember Maggy telling me about her friend at school (in 4th grade) JJ who she fell asleep on during the bus ride home. They were great friends, but she changed schools and on life went. 

In high school, JJ's name resurfaced. He was a strong, Godly man, determined and loving. He has loved Maggy since then. Not always love in the romantic sense, but love in terms of sacrifice and respect. Everyone who knows JJ speaks of his integrity. And, I have to echo all of them.

I knew they were talking about marriage, but since they were so young, they wanted to be careful to not rush into things. God is working out their future, and I am so happy that by the end of this year, these two will be one flesh!

Maggy called me at 2am on New Year's Day (it was just turning midnight in Denver where I was celebrating), and as the countdown began she told me that JJ asked her to marry him. Balloons started falling from the ceiling, tears began streaming down my face. My best friend was going to marry her man.

So, this New Year's Eve, I can't wait to stand up next to my best friend and shed tears of joy as two lives become one.

Maggy and JJ, thank you for letting me be a part of the wonderful story the two of you are creating. Together.

I love how fiercely you love each other. And, I can't wait to see how your love will grow.