Firsts Friday: Sweet Potato Pizza

I've been known to come home from the grocery store with only produce and meat. Yes, I have meals in mind. But, all that looks good at the grocery are fresh fruits, especially now that it's warmed up outside. This winter was a long hard winter, lacking in good produce.

Greg appreciates my "hunting and gathering" for our little family, and he especially likes when I remain within the budget (happy Greg? Happy wife). We normally make pizza about 3 times a month. It is a staple. No doubt. I've tried to healthify it (cauliflower crust anyone?). But, while those recipes have been decent, none have left us actually thinking it was tasty pizza.

But, this. This is different. This is life saving. Sweet potatoes, a little flour, oil, and milk, and we're in business.

I started with this recipe. But, as I added in the sweet potato, I noticed that the dough wasn't coming together well. So, I added:

  • 1/4 C of olive oil/canola oil mix (I used just under a 1/4 cup).
  • A splash of milk

This really helped the dough come together in order to be pressed into the pan.

Greg and my sister Julie were here for dinner, and as we were eating on our patio, Greg commented that it was a winner! And, I do believe it is! Healthy and provides us more variety with our pizza. I am all about that.


Happy Friday!

Erika Wetterlin1 Comment