Joy Inexpressible

I walked out of my exam with a lot more pep in my step than usual. The entire time I was taking the test, I only had one thing on my mind. Getting outside. Running. 

I drove my car to the rec center's lot, and parked on the furthest edge away from the building. Why? Because, I didn't want to go inside to workout. I needed a big dose of the sunset, twilight, and the cool breeze in my hair.

My run began as usual. Slow first mile, then falling into my stride. At the end of my last mile, it hit me. This was the most fun I had experienced running in almost 9 months. 

You see, last summer, shortly after Greg and I got married, I came down with mono (praise the Lord Greg avoided it!). It was awful. For 3 months, I was exhausted everyday, and the thought of working out was just that-a thought. Not long after I had "beat" the mean mono, I began experiencing some stomach issues. Running just seemed to churn up all the bad stuff that was already in my stomach. So, I opted out of that exercise. 

These things aren't meant to be complaints. I believe God had very benevolent purposes in not allowing me the joy of running. But, as I plowed up the hill to my car to finish my run, all I wanted to do was raise my hands in worship!

What beautiful and undeserved gifts the Lord has given to me! To be able to run, to see his creation, to experience and see Him differently through the process. Wow! I can't help but turn to my Father in praise. 

I did refrain from raising my hands while running (I look crazy enough when I'm running without my hands lifted high). But, once I got to my car, I turned on my "All Sons and Daughters" Pandora station and blasted the song "Glorious" by Bryan and Katie Torwalt. It was perfectly timed. A moment of worship.

All this to say that God is sooooooo worthy of my lowly praise! His reward is joy, and joy that is inexpressible! What a beautiful consequence of praising Him and living for His glory!