Firsts Friday: The Jumpsuit

We all had those clothes that we would wear as children that our parents could not pay us enough to get out of. For me, I was tied to boys gym shorts, t-shirts, and my beloved blanket (not technically clothing, but with the way I loved it, it might as well have been). Thankfully, those days have passed, for the most part...

Yet, I still am able to find "grown up versions of clothing that I just find remarkably comfortable. 

This past week, I discovered a whole new level of comfort (and, a bit of least I think so, Greg has yet to truly agree). While browsing the racks at T.J. Maxx with a giftcard to use, I came across a selection of jumpsuits. To be honest, I tried one on just to see how hideous it truly was going to be. But, as I zipped it up, I was loving it more and more.

Thus, I have since purchased my very first jumpsuit. Never thought I would say that...

It's super simple because I only have to think about accessories. It's light and comfortable, and I think I can safely say that I will be adding many more of these to my wardrobe for this summer.

If any of you are still skeptics (I was right there with you), here are some images to sway you (either for it or make you run far, far, away from jumpsuits).

I'm so happy for this new wardrobe addition. Dreaming of some warmer days where I can further cultivate my love for jumpsuits :)