Greg and I will board a plane home from Denver tonight, and couldn't be more ready to get back into a routine after a restful vacation. But, I am so sad that the beloved people we came to visit for Thanksgiving won't be coming back with us. 

We had so many adventures with the family over the last week. So many gasps from me while driving up the mountain about how ridiculously gorgeous everything is. So many laughs during games. So many good eats. It's been a trip for the books.

Before I go all into detail about the fun we had, I thought it would be appropriate to begin with some outtakes from our trip.

So, without further ado, please enjoy some silliness, brought to you by my Colorado family.

also, I know the picture of Greg on the rock below isn't hilarious in and off itself. but, I find the heavenly glow around him absolutely hilarious. 

I hope some of those provided a good chuckle. Happy Cyber Monday!