I feel silly writing all of this, really. I have gorgeous images of some prettty fabulous people to show to you in the coming days. But, an update and little but of "get to know you" seemed so appropriate right now. 

Sometimes, amidst the craziness of finishing up sessions before the holidays, I feel like I lose me. The projects, to-do lists, impending inbox, and well, let's face it, just life and relationships seem so daunting. And, they consume everything. Somewhere inside, there's a little voice (call her Creativity) that is dying for you to be reacquainted with.

So, after this week, I am taking off shooting until the 1st of the year. What, may you ask, will I be doing during that time? Rekindling creativity. How? So glad you asked.

Here are some ways in which I am planning to grow in creativity over the next month or so (not including thinking outside the box of numbered lists):

  1. Shooting for fun. For inspiration. For practice. For growing. Not because something is scheduled, but because I do really love photographs and sentimentality. 
  2. Invest time in others. As backwards as it may sound, joy is found in losing yourself (Philippians 2). Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the only times I see my whole family together. I want to love the fire out of them while they're around!
  3. Work on personal projects. Some of these aren't so glamorous. Like clean the oven...But, others have been on the waiting list for a long time. My office needs some TLC and a spruce up, no question. So, you'll see more about that, and if you have suggestions, I want to hear them!
  4. Teach. Maybe this falls under the "invest time in others?" At the beginning of the year, I have the opportunity to teach J-term photography class to my church's high school students. I am SO nervous, and so excited for this opportunity. But, what's the best part? I get to create all of my own curriculum. What better way to remember why I even began this journey than by teaching others about it?
  5. See the mountains. There's a yearning in my soul for the feeling of smallness. Standing on the edge of a ridge looking out at the peaks reminds me of the greatness of the Lord. So, in two weeks, I will be hiking in Breckenridge with the hubs, his brother, and the sister-in-law. I sometimes wonder if my motives were totally pure in marrying Greg. After all, who could ever say no to a handsome man from Colorado? I sure couldn't!
lookout mountain view

I can't wait for the next couple months. All of the holiday hooplah can't come fast enough! Although, who still thinks it's too early for Christmas music? I am a firm believer in the day after Thanksgiving. Sorry. 

End rant.