Where to Take Your Engagement Photos

I have, what some may call, a ridiculous level of love for engagement sessions. I won't bore you with the list of reasons I have amassed. But I love spending time getting to know you and giving you space to be yourselves without the timeline of a wedding day or other diversions in the back of your mind. But, it can be a bit overwhelming when you think about where to take your engagement photos. So, below is a list of 4 things to consider that I hope will help you narrow down the perfect location (or two)!

1. Pick a Location that Suits You

Seems simple, right? But the location for your photos should be somewhat reflective of you as a couple or somewhere you enjoy going or something you love doing. See if a restaurant you both enjoy would be willing to have you take some photos in their dining room. Or is there a local park you always take your dog to? Maybe you enjoy just being outside and want an evening to just enjoy the countryside or a walk downtown. Whatever it may be, make it true to who you are. My husband and I recently had some anniversary photos taken at the place where he proposed and just pulling up to the spot brought back all those sweet memories.

where to take your engagement photos erika aileen photography

2. Wear Outfits that Fit the Location

Keep in mind your attire with your location. It's not unusual for my couples to bring shoes to wear when we are hiking up to a location, then switch into their more stylish shoes once we reach our shoot location. Also consider the color of your clothing based on your location. What colors will contrast or add a pop of color or interest based on the scenery? This is also a great time to browse sites like Style Me Pretty and Pinterest to get some outfit inspiration!

where to take your engagement photos erika aileen photography

3. Lighting Matters

When you're thinking of potential locations, keep in mind what kind of light is available. Is there any natural light? Where will the sun be when we will be there taking photos? The sun moves and will cause the lighting to differ sometimes drastically. I am definitely here to help with this as it can sometimes be tricky to navigate!

where to take your engagement photos erika aileen photography

4. Check for Photo Requirements

Some parks, gardens, or art installations require you to have a permit to take photos at the location. Make sure you do a quick Google search to make sure you're all good!

where to take your engagement photos erika aileen photography

I hope this helps narrow down ideas or introduces some new some to you as possibilities for your engagement session! This time of being engaged is so special and goes by too quickly, and it's always some of my favorite time spent photographing and getting to know you.