Shelby & Josh: Bakery and Greenhouse Anniversary

I pulled a couple strings to make sure the bakery was open for us, because it was the first spot Shelby thought of for photos. And Sweet Revolution Bakery did not disappoint, although it was borderline painful to have wafts of baking sweets all throughout our time there.

Shelby is one of the dear friends who has taken on the challenge of second shooting with me and I couldn't be more thankful to have such a thoughtful and attentive friend and partner on wedding days. Josh, her husband, is finishing up his Ph.D. at Purdue and has spent a good deal of time in the greenhouses doing research. So, it was only appropriate to take photos there as a very accurate image of their time in West Lafayette.

I hope you enjoy, as much as I have, being privy to the laughter and love these two humans share!