Our Home at Christmas

Since Thanksgiving came so dang early this year (which I loved, because it’s one of my favorite holidays), it seems like we’ve been able to enjoy the Christmas vibes even longer. This year, I decided to document a bit of what our home looks like at Christmas. I can’t believe I have never done this! We’ve lived in our mid-century ranch for almost 3 years and I think this is going to become a new part of our Christmas traditions. It’s special to see how things change over the years.

You can see a bit more about our home here and it’s story, if you’re into that sort of thing!

Our decor is fairly simple, just because I don’t love spending tons of time each year packing things up and then having them take up space the rest of the year. So, almost everything fits into one rubbermaid tub (other than our tree :)). Then, I usually forage around our property for some clippings and pick up other greenery from Trader Joe’s.

The ornaments hanging on the wall are vintage 1950s from an anonymous friend who gifted them to me (whoever you are - thank you!!!). And one of my favorite things are the small white Thomas Kincaid houses that belonged to my grandmother who has since passed away. The houses, plus her famous cheeseball recipe make Christmas a little bit sweeter.

Enjoy a little peek into our home.
(P.S. this is best viewed with hot chocolate in hand - or you could just come over and let me make you some instead :))