Janie & Ryan: A Galien River Park & New Buffalo Engagement Session

I remember the first Facetime call I had with Janie (Ryan was out getting his hair cut before a wedding that weekend) and I couldn't have helped but think, as she stood up half way through the conversation to pull banana bread out of the oven, that this wedding and these two people were something special (and that was not only because she was baking something delicious :)).

And that initial thought was absolutely, 1,000% correct. Janie & Ryan are kind, thoughtful, sweet, hilarious, and I couldn't have asked for more grace from them as we had to work around a good bit of weather to make this session happen. It's the sweetest kind of magic that connected them in Chicago after never crossing paths at DePauw. 

Janie & Ryan, I can't wait for your wedding day!