Engagement and Wedding Photos on Pinterest

I know that I can't be the only one who gets sucked into the Pinterest rabbit hole of inspiration. It's wonderful in all its visual glory. You begin looking at sugar cookie recipes and end up visually remodeling your kitchen (or maybe really remodeling your kitchen). It truly is a cornucopia of wonderful things. 

When I was planning my wedding, I made myself refrain from pinning things until I actually had a ring on my left hand (much easier to do in theory than in reality). But once the engagement was official, I wasted no time in gathering ideas, inspiration, and dreaming. Once again, I know I'm not the only one!

Often, when I meet with couples about their wedding, Pinterest winds up making its way into the conversation. And that's no surprise based on my own experience planning a wedding! But what I have found to be a bit tricky is that what a pin may inspire in one person on Pinterest may not be the same thing that inspires another person looking at it. And over the years, I've found that to be the case when especially when pinning engagement and wedding photos. So, I always love to ask what about a specific photo my brides and grooms love or what they feel connected to. That way I am able to see what's important to them and get to know them better, not just the surface of an image. 

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How To Pin Wedding Inspiration Photos

It's also important to realize that what's displayed on Pinterest are highlights and often images selected are from a myriad of weddings or engagements. So, maybe, just from a timeline and circumstance perspective, getting exact "replicas" of those Pinterest photos may not be possible. And ultimately, your images will probably not be as genuine and organic when trying to squeeze in Pinterest poses. Just like you and your wedding day, your photos should be unique and not just re-dos of Pinterest!

Winter backyard wed and gold wedding erika aileen photography lafayette indiana