5 Tips for Engagement Sessions

As I leaned in a little closer to get the shot of her gorgeous ring (and sign of a forever love), she shied away and pulled her hand off his shoulder. “Oh,” she said, “I totally didn’t even think about doing my nails. I’m so sorry.” I mimicked her shyness and pulled my camera back and took a different shot.

When I was driving home after the engagement session wrapped up, I wondered why she would apologize to me about her nails not being done. And then I realized that I had never clued her in about taking close up shots of the ring on her finger. Well, that was a communication fail on my part. And I made her feel bad about something she didn’t even know to do!

Since then, I’ve been thinking of other details I’ve perhaps been leaving out when talking about engagement sessions with the wonderful couples I get to take photos for.

So, I’ve boiled it down to 5 details/tips that I think help make your session the tops:

1. I love to do everything I can to make your engagement photos a special time for the two of you. But there are certain aspects that make the session genuinely you. Things like going to the place where you decided to spend the rest of your lives together, the restaurant you both crave or enjoy lingering at, or staying at home to capture your life can uniquely show more of who you are together.

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2. If you’re getting your hair and makeup professionally done on your wedding day, I highly recommend doing your makeup or hair trial the day we’ve scheduled our photos (if possible). That way you can see what your makeup looks like in photographs, and you have professionally styled hair that will hold up well during the session.

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3. When I launched my website and got my own photos taken, I was agonizing over what to wear, and now I have an even greater understanding of picking out your outfits for your engagement session. But here’s the rule of thumb I used and have seen in others: if it makes me feel beautiful, then that beauty will come through and I will photograph beautiful (not grammatically correct, but you get the picture)! How you feel wearing something plays a HUGE part in how you photograph. So, wear that dress that makes you feel like a million bucks or your well-loved leather boots.

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4. Like I mentioned, above, if you like to get your nails done, then before the engagement session is a great time! A good file and a swash of clear polish alone can do wonders and make your ring pop even more.

5. Finally, in fact this might be the most important of them all, arriving on time for the session is key! Since I prefer to shoot engagement sessions in natural light, we are limited by the sun. So, if we lose 15 minutes at the beginning of the shoot, we lose 15 minutes of shooting with the sun. And I want you to have all the time we’d planned in order to relax and enjoy your engagement session without rushing against the sun.

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Engagement sessions are dear to me, because they can uniquely showcase who you are as a couple without all the aspects of a wedding day timeline. So, hopefully these little tidbits help make it even more endearing.