They pulled their Bean Boots out from the back of their car and stuffed their jeans down into their plush lining. She grabbed the hot cocoa out of the front seat with the mugs and apologized about the fact that it had been made with water, not milk. Christy poured the two of them mugs, then turned to look at me. James asked her what I was supposed to drink the hot cocoa out of. Having already given that thought, Christy quickly said I could have it straight from the thermos, and then handed it to me.

That's exactly the way Christy and James are. They are warm, unassuming, and welcoming. Other people are always at the forefront of their plans. We did part one of their session this fall, but we were hoping for a snowy day in order to complete their session. Thankfully, our Indiana weather did not disappoint!

I can't wait to document the wedding of these two in May!