I texted Greg yesterday asking him if he would be my guinea pig for trying some new kinds of photo stitching in Photoshop. He was a champ, and stood out in our courtyard while I proceeded to take about 100 photos of him (not hard since I think he's the handsomest guy ever). I wanted to start right away with all the Photoshop work, and I hadn't given dinner a second thought. So, Greg stepped up to make dinner-pancakes. Breakfast is his thing.

Mid way through my blueberry pancakes, we found out our Bible study for later in the evening had been cancelled. A couple bites later, and Greg said "We should go to Indy. Get your stuff. Let's go."

Now, please understand, this is not how Greg operates on a daily basis. He's thoughtful and planned.

So, I grabbed my things, and we headed out the door. Greg wanted to get my ring checked at Shane while we were down there to keep up on the warranty, but other than that we were plan-free!

It poured rain on the drive down. But, we saw a rainbow.

Shane forgot about cleaning my ring. So, we were there for a bit longer than expected. But, they have free cookies and K-cups.

I took Greg for his first Trader Joe's experience. He said it was similar to Vitamin Cottage (what kind of store names do people come up with in Colorado?). And, he went to go grab us a cart and came back with this.

There was an accident on I-65 on the way home. So, we took a detour. It was kind of nice to have goat cheese as a snack (thanks, TJ's) and be able to talk without interruption.

All this is just to remember. These times are sweet. I am so thankful for a husband who knows me well enough to know that I needed some cheering up yesterday. He loves me well.

also, we went to REI. It's a good thing there isn't one in Lafayette. BUY ALL THE THINGS!