I knocked on the door to a house I had often walked by during my past semester at Purdue. It was opened by a smiley guy asking if I was Erika-the photographer. I replied with an enthusiastic yes, and walked into the apartment. It had always crossed my mind when I walked past the house what kind of people lived there. Now, I know it's just about the friendliest bunch of guys I've photographed. They were there to support their friend and love him during his new adventure of being a husband.

Walking into the hotel room with the girls, I felt the exact same warmth and openness. Brittany and Jay know how to make other people feel at home and welcomed. I think that's what has made their story and their love so special. They bring other people into their lives and make the most out of whatever comes their way.

When I suggested going under an interstate overpass, they didn't bat an eye. Brittany and Jay just reassured me that they were game for whatever, and that they trusted me. This gave me the creativity to try make images that were uniquely them. Adventurous and beautiful. 

I hopped into my car at the end of the night feeling like I was leaving a wedding of a close friend. Your day from beginning to end (especially the lantern send-off) was magical.