She was never the sappy romantic. Let's cut to the chase and problem solve. Very pragmatic. She can accomplish tasks like none other. Well, he was not so much that way. To him, it always more about the people and the process than really getting anywhere.

It's funny how God has a way of bringing together two people who were truly designed to be good partners for each other. Grace and Marshall have worked diligently in pursuing a relationship that honors the Lord. And, it has resulted in some wonderful things. 

Grace discovered that she was willing to be romantic, and even liked it. But, only with one guy. Marshall brings out purpose and desire behind her actions. She pushes him to plan and think ahead. Together, they are a powerhouse of love for everyone around them.

I can't wait for August to get here so I get more time with these two. By that time, they will be even more in love, and I know that's a theme that will continue in their relationship. Constantly growing in their love for each other and their Savior. 

We started off at an adorable coffee shop downtown, and then adventured until the sun set.