I was peeling sweet potatoes, talking to my mama, and hustling around the kitchen. Meal prep in the kitchen is a must to any Thanksgiving celebration. I told my mother-in-law to let me do all the chopping. Give me a Cutco knife and something to dice and I am in my zen place. 

Our Thanksgiving in Colorado left Greg and I with many things to be thankful:

*Cutco knives (and the fact that my husband sold them in highschool (?!?) and we have an entire set)

*A family that has welcomed me as their newest added member

*Mountains to ohhhh and ahhhhh at while driving all through Denver (although, now we're back in the flat lands)

*A husband who loves me even when I take the last of the mashed potatoes (and a myriad of other things)

*Training for full-time ministry at Faith Bible Seminary

*My amazing, crazy family and their perpetual group messaging (and loooooove)

*A night away in Breckenridge with a fancy dinner, snow shoeing, and crepes. So thankful the sister in law planned that!

So, without further ado, take a look into our Thanksgiving (a week or so late...)