When I first sat down and talked with Christy and James, it was a warm day at the beginning of the semester and we agreed to meet up at Greyhouse coffee. I knew that we were going to be a great fit for each other when it was an easy decision for us to all sit outside. Christy and James love to be together exploring, trying new things, and just being. 

They've found their own "spot" all over Purdue and West Lafayette, with one of them being Happy Hollow Park. As we walked and talked they kept pointing out places where moments in their relationship had happened or that they would enjoy together. It was so perfect to see two people genuinely in love with the other. Putting the other's need above their own.

The blanket that Christy pulled out of their trunk to use towards the end of the session was the same blanket they sat on while James told her that he loved her. These two are sentimental and remember the best of times in the relationship.

I cannot wait to photograph a winter session with them as soon as the snow decides to fall. And, most of all, I can't wait to be a part of their wedding as they tie the knot. Much love, you two!