As I pulled into the park and we began to unload, three boys made for the open green grass (part of the reason we chose this park...lots of room to run and goof around). They took off running and playing immediately. To say that Jen has her hands full would be an understatement! Three boys all under the age of three and Jen still manages to look put together, gorgeous, and worry-free. That is some kind of a miracle! I hope if I get the chance to be a mom one day that I'll be able to keep my cool as well as Jen.

When they took off running, their dad wasn't far behind. It's so precious to watch him teach his sons how to throw a baseball and just play with them. That was always my favorite part about playing with my dad. He was my personal jungle gym. And, he seemed invincible to me. So, I loved seeing that first-hand in this family too.

Jen and Morgan, thank you so much for letting me spend a Friday evening with you all! It was so much fun to see all three of your boys in action. And, I'm so glad we rallied the troops for those last pictures. They're some of my favorites!