A Rocky Love Affair

Pardon my overt punny-ness in this post's title. But, I simply couldn't help it. It is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

And...I'm done. Promise.

Greg and I flew out the day before Christmas Eve for a highly anticipated trip back to his homeland of Colorado. I always dreamed of marrying a "mountain man," and my dreams came true (along with my other non-essential male qualities-red hair and height). 

It was SO good to spend time with his family. It's kind of great how you gain a family when you get married. And, let me tell you, these Wetterlins are a hoot and a half.

On top of being just an all-around stellar family, they have a tradition where they go skiing on Christmas day. My little "keep the Christmas traditions sacred" self didn't know what to think. But, I can safely say that after giving it a whirl, I will be participating in this tradition for years to come. Wild horses could not drag me off those beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

 The Christmas trip in bite size pieces.

 The Christmas trip in bite size pieces.

When we would be driving around Denver, I would poke Greg and then say "would you just look at those things? The mountains are just out of this world!" He would kindly reply with "Erika, those are just the foothills, not mountains." It's crazy to me that he grew up with that RIGHT outside his front door.

Life just isn't fair sometimes. You know it?

While we were out there, some pretty life changing stuff happened. For instance, Greg's best friend from high school (who is a fellow seminary student and is going to Denver Seminary) got married on New Year's Eve. The wedding was absolutely incredible, and I could not be happier for this newly minted family.

On top of that, as the ball was dropping in Colorado and balloons were falling from the ceiling, one of my best friends from back home called to tell me she was engaged. It was a complete whirlwind of emotions. Capping off an incredible year where I married my one, and then hearing about how a most beloved friend would be marrying her's this year. I was a hot mess. There were tears of joy streaming down my face, and they were uncontrollable!

All this to say, that God has really blessed me beyond measure with my families , and I hope that soon we will migrate out that way. Maybe then, mountains won't be as much of a shocker...

OH! And, when we returned to the Midwest, there was a wonderful treat waiting for me.

 Old versus new. Not even a contest!

 Old versus new. Not even a contest!

I am now the proud new owner of a Nikon D800. Can't wait to learn the ropes and deliver better images to my friends!