Portraits: Joey and Cara

Joey has been on our church's worship team for a while. And, I distinctly remember when a certain intern of one of our church's other ministries started to hang out with Joey. She was bubbly, always ready to laugh, and thought the world of Joey.

Fast forward a little, and they started dating, which led to the wonderful covenant of marriage almost two years ago. I love seeing who Cara is when Joey is around and vice-versa. They bring out the best in each other. Truly.

They're especially dear to me because Joey and Greg are going through the same seminary program. The men of the seminary get to see each other at least a couple times a week. I'm always so jealous that I don't get that time with the wives of these men. But, I always look forward to Thursday meetings with the seminary wives. Cara shares her heart, and I love hearing about how God has been growing her.

I couldn't be happier for these two and making it through 2 years of marriage. Here's to many more happy years!

So thankful I got to snag an evening with these two! They are out of this world adorable.