Friday Shout Outs

Do you ever get to Friday, and you're so pumped for the weekend that you kind of forget what actually happened the last week? Maybe you don't, but I feel like that perpetually happens with me (if you've never felt this way, would you please tell me your secret?). In an effort to remember the momentous (mundane) occasions of the past week, I would like to make some shout outs in an effort to recall the good and the bad.

  • Greg spoiled me this week with a new iPhone 5s. I've never had a brand spanking new phone. The hand-me-downs have been rocked for as long as I've had a phone (which I'm totally ok with, being the cheap person I am). One big holler for not having to type in my password every time I want to unlock my phone.
  • My little sister is coming to spend the night tonight. Homemade pumpkin cinnamon rolls have been mentioned as a breakfast treat.
  • I cried after an exam. Went home and had hot chocolate while I consoled myself with the Food Network and Seinfeld.
  • Greg and I went over to a friend's house for dinner. It was so nice to be able to have some relaxed time to just chat.
  • We're getting a programmable thermostat (I know, who cares?). I am a HUGE fan of this. 50 degrees during the day, and a I can crank it up when I get home. Warm Erika is a happy Erika.

I'll let you know how the cinnamon rolls turn out. If I can actually get them to rise properly and not burn the apartment down, I'll contemplate posting the recipe...That's a tall order.

Also, I'm giddy over panoramic iPhone pictures right now. Everything needs to be panoramic. This was the sunset out in the country at our friend's house. Love that wide open space.